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Our Mission

We are human organisms living in this world surrounded by substances that are foreign to us.  God, in his grand design, has given our bodies the ability to ward off and defend themselves from the hostile chemicals and compounds that surround us. As a society, we intentionally or even unintentionally, introduce substances that have no business in or on our bodies. These substances are toxic and eventually wear down the ability for the body to defend itself. Our mission is to raise awareness for reducing toxicity, both externally and internally, for us all and to maintain a better quality of life – sharing knowledge and experiences on this life journey.

Our Story

We are (I am) getting older and have been watching trends of modern day medicine becoming all about pharmaceuticals for treating symptoms of illness or disease and not dealing with the root causes. We are surrounded by toxicity and our amazing bodies have systems to negate the effects of that toxicity, especially when we’re young. However, over time with putting things in our bodies and on our bodies, they get tired of warding those toxic substances off. Then all kinds of maladies start appearing – diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, ulcers, circulatory and cardiac issues, digestive issues, leaky gut, and on and on. This site is devoted to identifying things we see and have seen, and relate our experiences and experiences of others, and the lessons we learn, figuring out how to age gracefully and sharing that information.

Meet the Team

It’s a human thing…….

Bill Atkins


Older gent learning to live a better life organically.

Bill Atkins

Tonia Atkins


Experienced bug fighter and immune system builder.

Next Steps…

This site is devoted to sharing experiences through our blog and discussing products we try, what we like and use, what we don’t like and why. There will be recipes, discussion of chemicals and compounds used in every day products that are detrimental to our health, yet permitted, identifying healthy alternative products and processes anyone can undertake to improve health. Any of the products mentioned will be ‘linked’ to or can be purchased on a sister site, www.nontoxic.biz. There will be links from this site to that site for products you may want to purchase. Come check it out!